charity: water's 2011 Annual Report

A lot has happened this past year.
Read all about it in our Annual Report.


mycharity: water

We created mycharity: water to help our supporters design and share their own charity: water fundraising campaigns. Anyone can start a campaign, and 100% of the money raised here funds water projects. Every single dollar is tracked with photos and GPS coordinates so each donor can see his or her impact.

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As our donor base grows, so does the number of places
from which donations come: all 50 states and 124 countries!

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It's not always the amount of money raised by our fundraisers that's important.
Often, it's the way they did it that impresses us most. Here are some of our favorite campaigns from this past year:

Thanksgiving Race
Thanksgiving Day Race:
Kids for Charity: Water!

There are 20 grandchildren in the Hillenbrand family. This year for Thanksgiving, they decided to walk for clean water and raised $40,000, enough to give 2,000 people clean water. That means each grandchild helped 100 people!

Music for Hungry Children
Music for
Hungry Children

Great things come in small sizes. Herbert is only seven years old, and he was inspired by nine year old Rachel. After hearing her story, he decided to play his violin and piano on the street to raise money to give clean water for people in need.

Rhys and Sarah
Rhys & Sarah's
Kilimanjaro Climb for Water

These two made every step matter on their trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. It took seven days, but after summiting at 19,340 feet, these women reached their goal of raising $5,000 for clean water.

Susquehanna University Students
Susquehanna University
Foam Party!

The students at Susquehanna University threw a foam party. While they partied, they educated their guests on the water crisis and raised money by selling charity: water wristbands and flip camera raffle tickets.

Worst. Marathon. Ever.

Bad games suck, but having to live without clean drinking water sucks more. This crew played their way through the worst video games ever created and broadcast the whole thing. On the way, they raised more than $10,000.

Rocky Marquette
Rocky Marquette |
Robert Revilla

Rocky Marquette gave up his 31st birthday for clean water. When his father died, Rocky re-dedicated the campaign in his honor and raised enough money to build a well in Robert’s name.

Dollars To Projects

We’re serious about connecting the people who fundraise and donate to the water projects they helped fund. Dollars to Projects ties every donation made on mycharity: water to a completed water project in a developing country. Whether you give $1 or $5,000, you’ll see exactly where your money goes and how you make a difference.

Here's how it works:

  • You Fundraise or Donate.

    Okay, so maybe you didn’t jump out of an airplane. But your crazy friend did and you donated $20 to her campaign. Or maybe you donated $35 on your friend’s 35th birthday, even though you weren’t going to buy him a gift.

    Or maybe you gave up your own birthday or ran a race to raise money on mycharity: water. Clearly, you crushed your goal.

    Your Results
    Results bar
    campaign goal
  • We Send Your Money To The Field.

    We work closely with our local partners to assess which communities have the greatest need. Then, we pool your funds with money raised by other folks during the same time period and send 100% of it to our partners on the ground.

  • Our Partners Start The Work.

    We use the right technology. charity: water and our partners select from a variety of water solutions, depending on the region’s water availability, culture, and economic conditions.

    The village takes ownership. The community elects a Water Committee to oversee the project. Then, they’re trained on how to manage and maintain it.

    Our partners know how to roll with the punches. The water field is a complicated business that includes some risks we can’t control. Since our partners know the options inside and out, they can adjust on the fly to keep our projects moving.

  • Our Partners Collect The Data.

    When the water project is complete, our partners send their field teams out by motorbike, truck, or foot, depending on how hard the new system is to reach. They collect GPS coordinates and take photos of the finished project in its environment, and send all that data to us.

  • We Assign Your Dollars To Projects.

    We verify all our partners’ data to make sure it’s correct: the technology used, the population served, the cost per project, the GPS coordinates, and the photos. We enter it into our system and use a custom-built Assignment Tool to match your money with the projects you helped fund.

  • Your Completion Report.

    We create your Project Detail Report with information about the community you helped, and we publish this on your My Projects page. This page is public, so you can easily share it with all your friends.

    See A Real Example »

    Photos of Your Water Project.

    We’ll send you pictures of the water project you helped fund and the community it serves, so you can see the impact you’ve made.

  • GPS of Your
    Water Project

    Even if you never get halfway around the world to see your project in person, you’ll know exactly where your money went.
    Isn’t Google Maps great?

In 2011, angel donor Michael Birch and his team at Monkey Inferno created Waterforward -- an
online pay-it-forward movement. It’s a very simple way to take a bite out of the water crisis.

There were almost a billion people in the world without clean
water, and almost a billion people using social media. So we
had an idea: let’s connect them.

Waterforward is a digital book filled with faces of people
donating to the clean water cause.

You can’t put yourself in the book. Someone who's already in
must donate $10 to invite you. 100% of the money raised goes
directly to water projects.

When you’re in, you’re asked to pay it forward and invite
someone else. Each new face represents more clean water
for those who still need it.

If you want to learn more, watch this video.