Live Drill: no water for our birthday.

Hopefully you joined us on Facebook last night for the first 2010 September Campaign Live Drill video, sent straight from Central African Republic. But here’s the recap in case you missed it:

For the fourth anniversary of charity: water, we traveled back to C.A.R. to drill the first September Campaign well in a village called Moale. Yesterday, we got updates from the team about the progress… or lack thereof. Here’s the story from founder Scott Harrison:

It was going to be an amazing story, and charity: water’s 200th completed project in the country. The people of Moale had been waiting for water for more than a decade. After two failed attempts to reach clean water many years ago, our local partner ICDI brought in a new drilling rig that could dig up to 700 feet. Unfortunately, they never made it that far. In what was by far the most challenging drill we’ve ever witnessed, the team came up short after 30 straight hours when the second borehole caved in.

It was a heartbreaking and messy day. We’d hoped to show you footage of a joyful village celebrating a successful drill, but we didn’t achieve that today. We’re committed to transparency at charity: water, so instead, our Live Drill video will show you the reality and challenges we face on the ground.

Tomorrow, we’ll start drilling in another nearby Bayaka village. We haven’t given up on Moale. For now, the people there will have to wait a little bit longer for their well — but we will be back. In the meantime, with your help, we can provide clean and safe drinking water for every Bayaka through this year’s September Campaign.

– Scott Harrison

The news was disheartening, but Moale was just one of more than 200 water projects we’re funding through this year’s September Campaign10.

Today, our team is in a village called Jerusalem for the drilling of another well — and we’re already getting more promising reports for hitting water there. We’ll post the video at 5 p.m. ET, on

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