charity: water on ABC 20/20 Friday night at 10 p.m.!

Friday at 10 p.m., ABC 20/20 is running a feature on charity: water’s work in Central African Republic! They’re focusing on this year’s September Campaign, from what happened in our NYC office to the work on the ground, drilling the wells.

Get some friends over, pop some corn, settle in on the couch to watch — and keep an eye on Twitter as you do. @charitywater, @scottharrison and @jimhocking (director of our partnering organization in C.A.R.) will be Tweeting throughout the show, using #2020.

We’re excited to watch the show and hear your Tweeted responses tomorrow night… but in the mean time, check out these short sneak previews of what’s to come from 20/20:

from C.A.R.: Splashes of Joy in Africa

Scott: fighting ‘compassion fatigue’

Can’t make the show on Friday night? Set your DVR to record it. Or, check back with us here on the blog next week — we’ll post the show once 20/20 puts it up on their site.

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