A Year of Milestones

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Last Friday, we had a huge Town Hall meeting! For a few hours, our entire staff sat down together to look back at the year behind us and ahead to the years to come.


In addition to the sweet, little handmade booklets you see above (which our designer Mike Smith put together to outline our mission, vision and goals), the main highlight was a pretty incredible list of milestones.

We wanted to share some of those with you.

In 2013, with the help of our supporters and volunteers, we:

  • raised enough to provide water to 2,739 people every single day
  • shipped 110,383 donor reports (proving where each dollar went)
  • purchased 51 miles of piping (the length of 754 football fields)
  • processed 160,000 donations
  • launched 13,600 fundraising campaigns
  • made 4,500 personal birthday phone calls
  • created 150 Valentine’s Day videos
  • hosted our largest charity: ball to date (with 255 amazing volunteers!)
  • visited 500 of our oldest water projects (thanks to our field volunteer team)
  • funded 3,085 water projects (which brings us to a total of 11,621 in our history)

When these projects are complete, we will have brought clean water to 4,100,000 people!

We can’t say enough about how much fun this is for us. It’s incredibly exciting to come to work every day knowing that more people will receive clean water every hour than there are working in our entire office.

2013 was an incredible year, and we’ve got even bigger things ahead in 2014. Thank you for helping us do this important work — and for making each day worth celebrating.

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