from the field: the pavement dwellers in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Our water projects in the Cyclone Sidr affected zone are GREAT. I Saw about 10 of our 180 wells and pond sand filters. I’ll get those photos together over the next few days en route to Ethiopia.

You can read the story of Cyclone Sidr from last year here.

Through partner Concern Worldwide Bangladesh, charity: water is exploring exciting opportunities for urban water and sanitation projects in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

More than 20,000 people live on the streets of Dhaka. They are called the “Pavement Dwellers,” and many make only 30 cents a day. For work, they collect and recycle garbage, clean, and do small jobs. Entire families with small children live on medians, under stadiums, and in dark alleys filled with sewage and cobwebs.

We’re excited to learn how we might be able to meet some of their great needs for clean water, bathrooms and bathing facilities.

-Scott Harrison

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