Behind the scenes: September Campaign.

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Ever wonder what goes into the making of our September Campaign videos and stories? Besides unhealthy amounts of caffeine and all-nighters at the office, we have a little fun, too. And plenty of adventure.

Watch the video and scroll down for a rare peek behind the scenes at the making of this year’s September Campaign.

charity: water team in RwandaThe charity: water team enjoys a brief break between shoots on the June trip to Rwanda. From left to right: Jon Reisinger (Videographer), Paul Pryor (Videographer), Scott Harrison (Founder), Viktoria Harrison (Creative Director), Jamie Pent (Videographer/Editor), Melissa Burmester (Project Manager), and Matt Oliver (friend of charity: water). Not pictured: Natalie Ingle (Copywriter).
Vik, Jamie, Paul in Rwanda
The kids of Gitambi go crazy when Vik demonstrates her jump-roping skills. Jamie is surrounded by new friends in Remera-Mbogo, and Paul and Jon set up our so-called “Jerry cam” in Kigasa.
Vik and Melissa in Rwanda
With a tripod in place of a telescope, Vik surveys the Land of a Thousand Hills. Melissa reluctantly gets up close and personal with Bagina’s cow in Kiviri.
Scott, Jon and Jamie in Rwanda
Scott tries out the latest youth fashion in Kigasa–a forehead sticker. In Kiviri, Jon and Jamie try recruiting new videographers, but the equipment is nearly as big as they are.
Melissa, Jon, Scott in Rwanda
Melissa hitches a ride with a staffer from Water for People in Kiviri. On the way to a celebration in Kisaro, our truck starts spewing blue smoke. Once at the ceremony, Scott surveys the gathered crowd from on top of a water tank.
Paul and Jamie in Nairobi airport
Lack of sleep catches up to Paul and Jamie, goofing off in the Nairobi airport. No wonder they didn’t sleep–equipment nearly covers the beds in Paul’s and Jon’s hotel room in Kigali.
Scott and Natalie in Rwanda
Playing with kids is always one of the highlights of visiting new countries, and they can never get enough of Scott. Even Natalie’s hair is a source of fascination.
charity: water team gets the shot
Jon, Paul, and Scott all aim their lenses at a woman they passed on the road, while Matt holds a reflector. Paul gets down on the kids’ level.
charity: water team in Rwanda Latifa (translator), Jamie, Melissa, and Natalie strike a pose for their imaginary band in front of a sign for one of Rwanda’s most popular beers. Paul and Jon take aim at the town of Kigasa.

lunch in Rwanda
What would a set of travel photos be without a picture of food? This lunch is sweet potatoes, cooked green bananas, “Irish” potatoes, veggies, eggplant in nut sauce, and beans. And, of course, orange Fanta.

Want to know more about the people we met and the projects we’re working on in Rwanda? Watch the videos and check out the stories on our September Campaign site. Then join us.

September Campaign 2012 website

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