Chipotle Challenge: Foiled

What happens when you hit up your boss for a donation to his own charity? Dani and Mohini found out: he makes a ridiculous request, and you comply with a smile.

Two months into their mycharity: water campaign, Chipotle Challenge, the girls were suffering withdrawals from their favorite food. But they’ve given it up until they reach $5,000 for a clean water project, so they asked Scott to help.

Nearly everyone in the office had pitched in. Most folks gave the cost of a typical Chipotle meal. Some, in solidarity, actually gave up their own favorite food and donated what they would have spent. (Jasdeep, one of our developers, skipped his croissant and coffee stop for one month and donated $109.50 to the Chipotle Challenge. Paull Young, Director of Digital, on the other hand, ate a giant Chipotle burrito in front of Dani and donated in proportion to his eating enjoyment – $100.)

Scott, however, pledged $200. With a catch–that Dani and Mohini wear outfits made of aluminum foil for a day.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present: FOIL FASHION!

Chipotle Challenge's Foil Fashion

And they didn’t stop there. Check out this amazing spoof Dani, in full foil fashion, did of Gotye’s “Someone That I Used to Know.”

Have a habit to kick and want to raise money for clean water? Start your own mycharity: water campaign in a few easy steps right here.

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