Campaign to watch: Arts, crafts and photographs.

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We spotted this campaign from photographer Allison Jean out of Brownwood, Texas. On Monday, she auctioned off art, crafts and photographs to raise funds for water projects. She exceeded her $1,000 goal and raised about $1,600 — all for clean water!

In Allison’s words…

After doing our show, “A Collaboration of Differences” last semester I started dreaming about the possibilities of joining the artists I know for a cause. The work of charity: water has always resonated with me. Water should never be a commodity… it should never be something the privileged have access to and the poor don’t. If I believe that people have a right to life, then I believe they have a right to clean water. I also love how charity: water shows the connections between water and other facets of life like health and education.

Take a look at some of the auctioned pieces, donated by artist friends:


Thanks to Allison and friends for using your creativity to change lives.

See more photos of the auction from Allison here >

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