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campaign: Bread for Water
campaign goal:$1,700
has been fundraising since: February 9, 2012
mission statement: “The Maher Kids will be selling tasty homemade bread to benefit charity: water this Lent. Help us help others.”

Hard work and creativity — those are the ingredients that the Maher kids put into the home-made bread business they started to help bring clean water to people in developing nations! Sam (11), Imani (8), Grace (8) and Isaac (7) have become a successful business team, even creating a Powerpoint presentation and a logo. They’ve been baking and selling bread for a couple months now, so we checked in with their mom Michelle to hear how things are going:

Maher kids

What first caught your attention about the water crisis?
We have seen first-hand the devastation that unclean water can cause. Children in impoverished countries face more struggles than we can imagine. Isaac’s story in particular made that very real for us. For a parasite to rob his developing body of what few nutrients it was receiving was a travesty. The global water crisis has far-reaching effects in the areas of health, hygiene, education and economics. In that regard, it can seem daunting. On the other hand, like many problems in developing countries, we are aware of the solutions and are able to help.

How did the kids end up starting the campaign?
We raise our kids with strong Christian values. Of all the teachings they receive at home, church or school — the idea that they should serve others every chance they get is paramount. charity: water is a perfect way for our kids to get involved and serve others. They did a much smaller Christmas campaign a few years ago and it was very rewarding for them to receive an update last summer of the water project completed with their money.

making bread

The campaign raised more than the original goal — did that surprise you?
This campaign has been amazing! They originally set their goal at $300, which I thought was ambitious. We are now over $1,600. I seriously thought people would give us $3-5 for a loaf of bread the first few weeks, then things would die down. We have had people we barely know moved to tears, writing $100 checks. We have had a strong contingent of friends, also very generous with donations, placing regular orders multiple times each week. One week alone we filled 40 orders of bread and cinnamon rolls! The demand for bread has surprised me for sure. More than that, however, the supply of love and support for the cause has astonished me.

What do they do to help with the campaign?
The Maher Kids have surprised me too! I honestly thought their enthusiasm would decline early on. On the contrary, they are just as eager as they were on the first day. Grace asked if we could do this “all year-long!!” Their diligence has also surprised me. Sam, the oldest, has taken on the role of business manager. He takes all orders, responds to all e-mails, and developed the Powerpoint. Grace and Imani, our marketing department, designed our logos and are always thinking of ways to promote the campaign. Grace, Imani, and Isaac write individual thank you tags to accompany each order and all four children try to be present for all deliveries.

making bread

In the kids’ words:
I want to bring clean water to people so they can be happy and healthy. Maybe we can change the whole world and maybe everybody will be happy. – Imani

I want to bring clean water to people because water is one of the most important things in the world. A lot of people need clean water and don’t have it. We should help people because we are lucky and the people we are helping are not as lucky. – Sam

I want to help charity: water so people won’t get sick from tummy bugs from dirty water from rivers. – Isaac

I want to give people clean water so they can play and have fun and be healthy. – Grace

Sell homemade bread, run a 5K, give up soda — you can do anything to fundraise for clean water! Get started here >

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