campaign to watch: the daily grind for clean water.

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campaign: The Daily Grind
school raising the money: Choate Rosemary Hall
goal amount: $5,000 (enough for one charity: water project)
amount raised: $3,379

She used to get coffee as a charity: water intern — now, she’s selling it to continue supporting our mission. We caught up with Madeleine Foote, a charity: water intern alum (and now student council Vice President) to see how her school has gotten more than half-way to their goal of funding an entire water project:

daily grind room

Ok, so what’s this Daily Grind?
Daily Grind is a twice-a-week coffee shop that runs during a break from classes at Choate Rosemary Hall during a free block. It’s entirely set up, run, and cleaned by volunteers from the Student Council and the student body. This is its fourth year. We serve about 75-80 people each day. We also do “Daily Grind Express” at hockey and football games.

Let’s back up… to when you were one of charity: water’s first interns! Tell us about that and why you kept supporting our work after going back to to school (you must have really liked us!).
I was Scott’s intern in the spring and summer of 2008 when I was in 8th grade. We worked off his kitchen table and couch back then. I ran errands, organized spreadsheets, worked events… generally did anything Scott needed me to do. It was a lot of fun. The shipping department was his bathroom and I used to sometimes steal his Honey Bunches of Oats for snacks. I took a lot away from the experience, including a new-found confidence to call total strangers and ask for money for a cause and a passion for trying to solve the water crisis.

“I was Scott’s intern in the spring and summer of 2008 when I was in 8th grade… I ran errands, worked events… and I used to steal his Honey Bunches of Oats for snacks.”

– Madeleine Foote, unofficial manager of Daily Grind

So that’s why you picked charity: water to get Daily Grind proceeds…
And because we believe in the 100% model. That is, we love knowing that 100% of our proceeds will be used to bring clean water to a community.

What’s the best part about running shop?
Seeing the passion with which volunteers do their work. There is an intensity and a desire to make the operation run well and serve our costumers. What makes that all the more remarkable is that no one is paid. It is a true pleasure to have a day run smoothly, serve gallons of coffee, and make money for a great cause.

daily grind room

Do you have any stories from running Daily Grind?
After talking about the need for clean water to many of our costumers, we’re often asked if we actually sell water. We don’t because bottled water is not environmentally friendly. It’s ironic that we work so hard to make the case for clean water but don’t sell any!

Did you advertise that the profits from Daily Grind would go to a charity: water campaign? And did that bring in more customers?
The coffee, hot chocolate, and Pop-tarts were certainly the main draw, but we also made announcements at school meetings, sent out regular emails to the student body about the Daily Grind, and had a capella groups sing during service. We’ve promoted charity: water’s cause by talking to our customers, using charity: water media, and selling bracelets at Daily Grind and in our school store.

You can do anything to raise funds for clean drinking water. 100% of donations go directly to water projects in developing countries. Learn more here >

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