from the office: Eli’s story.

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Last week, we received a letter and photos in the mail from a family in Plano, Illinois. This is Eli. We loved his smile and wanted to share his mom’s message:

Dear charity: water,

This is my son Eli, whom I dearly love. In this picture he has a gorgeous smile, but he also has a belly full of worms he picked up in Ethiopia before we adopted him. That is why we chose to ask for donations to charity: water for his Baptism in lieu of gifts. He was baptized in the creek on our farm and we collected donations that I’m including with this letter.

One week after the Baptism the doctors were finally able to cure him of the parasites that invaded his six-year-old body. But, people Eli loves deeply still live in Ethiopia and drink out of the pond he tells us he drank from. These donations are in honor of them, sent with love.

Thank you for the amazing work you do.



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