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campaign: GameToAid’s Worst Marathon Ever
running the campaign: GameToAid
goal amount: $10,000 (to provide water for two communities)
players in the marathon: four dedicated Australian friends

Aussie group GameToAid is fighting the water crisis by taking on 60 hours of straight video gaming — with only the worst games in history. We got the background on their marathon, which starts today:

First, tell us a bit about GameToAid…
GameToAid is a small organization/group we started mid-2010. We had seen gaming marathons for various charities on the Internet previously and thought it would be fun to do marathons of our own. We noticed that this method of fundraising hadn’t really been fully “realized” in Australia (in terms of media interest and the amount of Australian viewers). So, my friend Brodie and I got together and started planning our first marathon, creating GameToAid so we could continue doing marathons in the future under the same name.

“Bad games suck. Having to live without clean and safe drinking
water sucks more.”

– GameToAid mission statement

Who are the guys taking on this horrible feat to help fund water projects?
The players are our friends from high school. Our first marathon was just after we finished high school, so we asked a few of our friends to be involved. For this marathon, we have some of the same people again involved.

And how did you choose charity: water as the benefiting org for this marathon?
One of our fans emailed us at the end of our first marathon, suggesting that we do a future marathon supporting charity: water. I checked out the website and was thoroughly impressed with the charity (especially the 100% model, and the tracking system for donations) and so we decided to go ahead and support you!

Do all your marathons have a theme like this one does?
Our last marathon didn’t have a specific theme, apart from the fact that we played generally good and well-received “classics.” However, when brainstorming for this marathon, we knew we wanted to adhere to a solid theme to keep the marathon more focused, rather than just playing random games.

game to aid logo

The idea for a “worst games” marathon came after reflecting upon some criticism received during our first marathon. A lot – albeit a minority – of people on raised an opinion that fundraisers deserve money for doing something challenging, not just sitting around playing fun games all weekend. So, we decided to do something that would make us suffer a bit more: play the worst games ever released.

What are the essentials for getting through 60 hours of bad gaming? We know water is on the list… what else will help you through it?
Haha, actually, that gives me an idea! Normally we’d have soft drinks and energy drinks to try and keep us awake for longer, but maybe we’ll give just drinking water a crack this time and see how long we can go. Apart from that, sleep and food are obviously very important. Considering that we’ll be playing extremely frustratingly bad games — if anyone is overtired, the rage experienced could be of epic proportions.

Ok, we want to watch! When? Where?
We’re broadcasting the marathon live on, starting 17 Feb at 5:00PM GMT+10:30 [currently in progress!]. It’ll basically be a stream of the games we’re playing, along with audio of what’s happening in the room (so you’ll be able to hear everyone talking as well as the game sound.) The stream will be viewable at

Game. Swim. Run. Sell baked goods. You can do anything to raise funds for clean drinking water. 100% of donations go directly to water projects in developing countries. Learn more here >

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