Campaign to watch: kicking it with The Missfits.

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campaign: The Missfits Soccer Team
raising the money: 13 soccer players in the Seattle area
raised so far: $5,010
mission statement: “It’s very simple. Clean drinking water is a basic human right. Too many people in this world don’t have clean water to drink, and that is not ok with us!”

This team was already winning on the field, but they decided to reach for another goal: to fund an entire water project.

Less than two weeks into their campaign, they did it! We caught up with The Missfits’ coaches to see how fighting the water crisis can be a team sport:

missfits group

What an ambitious group. Can you tell us a bit about who The MissFits are?
The MissFits are a soccer team of eight and nine-year-old girls in the Lake Washington Soccer Association. Our team has been together for six seasons (three fall and three spring), and our main focus as coaches has always been on character development over soccer skills development. However, there is a byproduct of learning solid communication skills, listening skills, respect on the field and positive self-talk; one becomes an excellent competitive athlete.

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Our goal has always been that the girls live beyond themselves and the world they know — we live in a world full of hurt, pain, injustice and hopelessness and we want our girls to be an example of Jesus Christ on the field, and His hope in this hurting world. We had the idea of doing a team community project about a year ago and charity: water came to mind. We told the girls about the global water crisis and asked them what we should do about it — every single one of our girls signed on right then to bring a kid just like them clean water and the opportunity for education, health and a future.

Where did you hear about charity: water?
EastLake Community Church, from Pastor Ryan Meeks [EastLake has raised more than $370,000 for water projects since last year's September Campaign]. Dana Brekke and her family, myself (Emily Garrison), as well as a few families on our team attend EastLake Community Church in Bothell, Washington.

missfits group

How have the girls taken on their mission?
Any events or activities to raise funds?

We held a garage sale — it was amazing! The girls and their families donated items, held a bake sale and the girls sold water bottles for $20 each. Mallory Hasselbeck and Rylee Reese sold the most; Mallory sold 35 and Rylee sold 18. Some of the girls have taken to selling water bottles at school to teachers and parents.

Many mycharity: water fundraisers go it alone when they take on sporting events or physical challenges… what is it like for the girls to fundraise as a team?
We have always taught the girls that each one of them offers the team a specific God-given talent. If we are to be successful on the field and off the field, we have to trust and work together for a greater purpose.

The Missfits are an amazing team to watch; they communicate, pass and play unlike any team I have ever seen at this age… or at any age for that matter!

Biggest fundraising accomplishment so far?
The garage sale; we made over $3,000 in one day!

And then you hit your $5,000 mark in just 12 days of your campaign! Wow. How?
A lot of it was the garage sale but about a third of it was from friends of players. The parents on the team were very supportive and got behind what we as coaches wanted to do. Each parent helped with the garage sale, bake sale and talked about charity: water at home to all their kids.

Are you thinking of upping the goal, since you have about two more months to fundraise?
No, but we will do this again for the fall soccer season.

And just out of curiosity… what’s your game record?
The MissFits have been undefeated for the past five seasons. We’re excited to start our 2011 fall season at the end of August.

Give up your birthday. Play soccer. Sell old stuff in a garage sale. You can do anything to raise money for clean drinking water. 100% of donations go directly to water projects in developing countries. Learn more here >

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