Campaign to watch: read-a-thon for clean water.

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campaign: Read-a-thon
raising the money: Claire and Amber
goal: $1,000
raised so far: $940
mission statement: “We are organizing a read-a-thon to try to raise money for the 1 in 8 people who need clean water. We are also creating a penny drive. Save your pennies (and ask others to as well) and use that money to contribute to our goal!”

Reading is good for your mind and your soul. But since when can it also fund water for people in need? When Amber and Claire decide to use it to launch a mycharity: water campaign! We caught up with these bookworms and their mom, Angela, to see what made a successful read-a-thon for clean water:

How did you and the girls come up with the idea to use a read-a-thon as the mechanism to raise money?
The kids were participating in the library’s reading program, and it occurred to us, “Why not read for something worthwhile?” That was when we decided to start an actual campaign. We used the same kind of method as a walk-a-thon; people could donate by either hour or a flat donation. Each girl raised over $132 just with the read-a-thon.

We also did a penny drive. We raised quite a bit of money from loose change. We made up some sheets with the charity: water baby bottle picture and some statistics and brought them to church every Sunday. Every penny my kids found went right into the jar.

What books have the girls read and which titles have been their favorites so far?
“Royal Diaries,” “Robin Hood” and both girls read several American Girl series books. Claire’s favorite book was “Little Women,” and Amber’s favorites came from the Nancy Drew series.


Where is their favorite place to read?
Claire’s favorite place to read is in bed and Amber’s favorite place to read is outside on the patio glider.

Are the girls exhausted from reading so many books or has this ignited a new passion for reading?
Amber and Claire both think that doing this read-a-thon has ignited their passion for reading. Amber says once she gets her nose stuck in a book, she can’t get it out again! They both enjoy going to the library and finding books on different topics and not only reading just any book, but good books — classics.

What advice do Claire and Amber have for anyone else that wants to start their own campaign? 
From Amber: “Look at the website, read the stories, watch the videos. Then just do it!”

From Claire: “It was really fun and it made me feel really good to help others. I say just do it. People need your help now. What are you waiting for?”

Use your hobby or passion as an excuse. Run a marathon, hold a bake sale or give up your birthday gifts to ask for donations instead. You can do anything to fundraise for clean water. Learn more here >

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