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campaign: Georgia Spartan Sprint
campaign goal:$5,000
has been fundraising since: April 18, 2012
mission statement: “On March 10th, 2012 we will be running Spartan Sprint in Georgia which is a 4 mile run full of military style obstacles. Sounds rough right? Well, imagine doing all of that without clean water… While the ATL Heroes love doing recreational activities, we wanted to use this opportunity to bless others. Our mission is to raise $5,000 for water. We want every step to matter.”

ATL Heroes

There are many obstacles that people run into while raising money to provide clean water — but this group of guys chose to deal with even more obstacles than most people might encounter. Tom Chon and friends Chris, Henry, Barney and Ben ran the Spartan Sprint in March. They climbed, ran, crawled and threw… all for clean water! Tom shared with us about their experience:

Ok — you’ve got us curious. What is Spartan Sprint?
Spartan Sprint is a 6 mile race of craziness! It’s one of the top two leading obstacle races out there. They have obstacles that make you crawl through mud and under barbed wire, run through a swamp, climb over walls, carry rocks, throw a spear and fight through “Spartans.” It’s a fun race that tests your all-around athleticism.

What inspired you and the team to join the race?
My inspiration for signing up for the race was two fold. One, I really enjoy doing obstacle races like Spartan Race and pushing myself. Two, there has been this mantra that I’ve been learning from a church retreat which is: “Blessed to be a blessing to others.” So I wanted to hit two birds with one stone: run an obstacle race and use this to bless others. And I was trying to get people involved with it.

Did you encounter challenges during the campaign that you may not have expected?
The hardest and easiest part of the campaign was the fundraising. It was hard to try to educate people on why they should care about charity: water and try to convince them… but at the same time there were people who totally got it and would donate a single, large sum. So that was encouraging.

Another hard part was trying to motivate the team to continue to fund raise. Our initial goal was to raise $5K so that we could at least bless one village with a well and we didn’t reach our goal. We are going to run another race and hopefully raise enough money to accomplish it.

What do you feel was an important lesson you learned through this campaign?
One of the biggest lessons I learned was that fundraising is not as easy as it looks (well, for some people). I realized we have to do more than just send an email. Follow up with them, don’t be afraid to ask people, and use all types of media to help fundraise like Twitter and Youtube. Be creative.

Spartan Sprint

Challenge yourself by running an obstacle race, start a club on campus or bake cookies — you can do just about anything to raise funds for clean water! Learn more here >

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