Campaign to watch: save/shave Cubby’s beard!

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Cubby Graham has been our friend for a while.Last year, he flew to NYC just to help us set up for charity: ball. Then, he gave up his 25th birthday for clean water. And now, he’s stepping up his commitment to clean water in true Cubby fashion — he’s grown a pretty epic beard, and he’s willing to cut it all off to help raise money for people in need. A few weeks ago, he started two campaigns on mycharity: water: one to save his beard, and one to shave it. The winning campaign (The one that raises the most money by December 9) will dictate what Cubby does with his face.

Check out both campaigns, and donate to save (or shave) Cubby’s beard!


shave cubbys beird

save cubbys beard

(By the way, Cubby’s mom would love for you to give to the “Shave” campaign. ☺ )

Both campaigns have taken off, but Cubby’s not stopping there. He’s now making custom designed Save/Shave t-shirts that support each campaign.

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