happiness in House 46.

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Shayna, our Chief Happiness Agent, recently popped uptown to The Dalton School on the Upper East Side to pick up a $573 check from House 46, a class of first-graders. Students raised funds by holding a Walk-A-Thon around their block (and even knocking out a couple of laps on the school roof). We were excited to learn more about them and hand out some charity: water gear to take home.

We noticed pretty quickly that the class had watched the Water Changes Everything short film; some recited stats straight from the video when we asked why they wanted to help fund water projects. They also had some other impressions to share:

“Gallons of dirty water are really heavy. And we learned it’s dangerous to walk to get it every day.”
“By the time they get back home from walking, I think a lot of the water would fall out.”
“Every 19 seconds, someone dies… that’s a lot of people.”
“Instead of walking, kids could be learning for six hours.”

All true — but their donation will help change this for some kids. Thanks to Dalton for their hard work.


Want to get your school involved with charity: water, too? Learn how here >

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