Make this Earth Day all about… water.

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For us, this Earth Day is all about water. More specifically, it’s about telling people who don’t know that there is a water crisis; that nearly one billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water.

Hopefully, you’ve seen our new video by now (if you haven’t, watch it here!). We’ve been working to get everyone’s eyes on it — seriously, everyone. On Wednesday morning, for the video’s official launch, we crammed our whole staff in the conference room and dedicated hours to reaching out personally to everyone we could. We emailed friends, relatives; sent Facebook messages to old colleagues and acquaintances; we even got idle Tweeters to brush the dust off their Twitter accounts and send an update. Fueled by muffins, a big gallon of coffee and an impromptu Easter egg hunt in the afternoon, it was a fun and proud launch day at the charity: water office.

But that wasn’t all. Yesterday, with the sun shining brightly and several interns and supporters out staging a Waterwalk in Washington Square Park, we took to the streets to show the animation to anyone willing to give us three minutes of their time. We also filmed their reactions. Take a look:

It’s been a busy and exciting two days. And today, we’ll keep going. Join us! Help make Earth Day about water. Keep sharing the video with everyone you know.

And feel free to send around a few of the media mentions on the video since Wednesday:

jerry can
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- MTV Act: Kristen Bell Lends Her Voice to New charity: water Video
- ABC’s Saving Lives with Water
- Mother Nature Network: Robin Shreeves’ blog
- Huffington Post: A Word About Water on Earth Day

Thanks for your help and support. Happy Earth Day!

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