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Founder Scott Harrison has spent the last two weeks in Ethiopia with 19 donors and influencers in the field. They’ve visited communities without water, wells under construction and many completed water projects. He’s been going non-stop and is, needless to say, exhausted. He sent us an update yesterday:

Hi, all.

Since you last heard from me I:

Got food poisoning.
Took Cipro.
Drove to Adwa.
Drove to Aksum.
Drove to Hawzien.
Drove to the West.
Drove to the South.
Drove back to Mekele.
Drove to Hawzien.
Drove to Adwa.
Drove to Shire.

Do you remember our 7+ hour drive from Gondor to Shire? Remember how were supposed to see two villages that day but we were late coming into town because the drivers couldn’t find gas in the morning?

Be glad.

I finally made it BACK to Shire today. Got out of car. Walked a bit. Came to top of cliff. Gitachew [head of water projects for our partner organization] pointed down into the valley and said, “The wells are there.”

lots of terrain to cover in Ethiopia

Anyway, once we reached the wells in the valley, I was glad we made the walk. It’s really dry and the communities were so grateful for the clean water.

People in Ethiopia enjoy a freshwater well

A girl in Ethiopia enjoys a freshwater well

Walking down was pretty easy compared to walking back up. Gebre [another local staff member] and I worked it out and decided that we climbed about 85 flights of stairs. In hot sun. With kids running ahead taunting us as we panted and choked for air.

Hope you’re all sipping chai lattes.

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In three years, charity: water has funded more than 1,000 projects in Ethiopia, serving 455,000 people.

Scott will be in Ethiopia for another week, then he heads to Central African Republic to begin filming for this year’s September campaign. Stay tuned.

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