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It’s Father’s Day! We’d like to celebrate a friendly dad we just met in the field a couple of weeks ago…


This father lives in Suvadanga Union, Bangladesh. He and his wife have four little boys of their own, though their generosity for children spans beyond their family. The primary school right next to their home didn’t used to have bathrooms or a water source, so the couple would let kids come over and use their toilet. That’s a big ask — a couple hundred kids attend this school! Imagine sharing your bathroom with a crowd of students each day.

A new water project + latrines here (implemented by Water Aid) have provided clean water and improved sanitation for the school and the surrounding community… and have also given the family their privacy back.

Have a story to share about your dad? Leave us a comment here on the blog or a quick post on Facebook.

And make sure you call your dad today… happy Father’s Day!

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