Our fifth birthday party: going back to the beginning.

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In 2006, founder Scott Harrison hosted a birthday party and collected $20 per person at the door. He used 100% of the money to fund water projects for people in developing countries.

Five years later, it was time we threw it back to those early days of charity: water.

On Sept. 7, we packed The Park to hold our fifth birthday party. Everyone and anyone was welcome — friends flew in, volunteers collected $20 bills at the door and we raised more than $21,000 to support a new drilling rig through this year’s September Campaign. As we did in 2006, we’ll report back to everyone who came on how their $20 has helped serve those in need. They’ll get an email from us when the drilling rig lands in Ethiopia and gets to work!

Miss our fifth birthday party? Catch up in some photos:

photos: Nancy Borowick and Brandon Smith

bday party 1
bday party 2

A big thanks to The Park, Avenue New York, Veev, the Macallan,ONE HOPE and Anheuser Busch.

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