charity: water is five years old!

You may have noticed we haven’t been blogging much lately. And today, on our fifth birthday, you’ll understand why: we just spent the last week and a half shooting, producing and uploading 250 videos to send individually to some of our fundraisers and supporters. Whew! It was a crazy, exciting, funny and beautiful project.

Watch the story of our fifth birthday celebration:

It’s been rewarding for all of our staff — from web developers to accountants to designers — to learn the details about campaigners and then jump behind the camera to get real with each of them. charity: water turns five today. In the last half decade, we’ve been able to serve more than two million people with clean and safe drinking water.

But that never would’ve happened if we didn’t have the supporters who took our story and made it theirs.

You can see all of our thank-you’s on our new YouTube channel here:

And to give you a taste, here are some favorites from each staff member team:

Greg + Nat for Hope Mural Roadshow.

Emily + Robin for Tango to the People.

Vik + Erica for Cecilia’s campaign “Hamsters Deserve Clean Water.”

Lindsay + Jasdeep for Developers Against Poverty.

Jonna + Shayna for Pullman High.

Mo + Josh for Michelle,
the hotdog champion.

Lauren + Michael for Audrey, who gave up her third birthday.

Christy + Michael (and staff’s help!) for UA/OSU.

Merry + Brian for Erica, a rockstar campaigner.

Paull + Sarah for Sabin the dog.

Happy birthday to charity: water! Thank you so much for being a part of our story.

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