from the field: Jawe, Ethiopia.

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GPS: N 08º47.170 / E038º38.952

Spent the morning at a place called Jawe. Only about 45 minutes outside of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s bustling capital. I was surprised to find the people here drinking from a swamp.

Jawe has more than 4,450 people, and they desperately need clean water. This pond is the ONLY source of drinking water, and two months a year it dries up and is unavailable.

During that time, the women and children have to fetch water from more than 5 miles away.

Our partner in Ethiopia, A Glimmer of Hope Foundation, has proposed a full scale water supply project to help the people at Jawe and deliver clean water to six nearby villages, one health post and an elementary school.

Stay tuned to learn how you can help.

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