A fundraiser, a birthday boy… an artist!

Our favorite representation of the new FS 250 drilling rig we hope to fund through September Campaign, coming from six-year-old Mackenzie of Cumbernauld, Scotland:

mack drawing

Mackenzie turned six a week ago. His campaign goal was to raise $300 to help fund our new drilling rig — and he’s blown through that to raise nearly $900!

“Mackenzie’s gained so much out of this as well,” his father Stuart told our staff. “Last Friday (on his birthday), the head teacher at his primary school played the charity: water video to the entire school at an assembly and asked Mackenzie to speak to all the school children about why he gave up his sixth birthday for charity: water. Pretty neat for a six year old, eh?”

YES, it is. Happy birthday, Mackenzie! Check out his campaign page here >

And see the short thank-you video that Founder Scott Harrison made for Mackenzie last week here >

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