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Every morning I spend about two hours commuting to the charity: water office.

I’m a numbers person, so I know that since the beginning of June, I’ve dozed off at least once a day and read 15 books. I’ve also had the time to beat 289 levels of my favorite games. And I’m in good company– everyone around me seems to be matching colored dots or madly dashing through a digital jungle.

Gaming can be powerful (and I’m not just talking about the toll it takes on your battery). It’s a medium through which we can experience a story, even if it’s only for a few minutes on the 1 train. That made me think: what if we harnessed that time to tell a story about water?

Enter the Decode Global team. They’re the company behind Get Water!, a game that raises awareness about the impact of the water crisis, especially for girls’ education. They’ve been telling the story of Maya, a girl who wants to go to school but has to spend her day collecting water.


Over the past few months, we’ve collaborated with their incredible team to release Get Water! for India, a special edition game featuring exclusive charity: water missions. You can become a part of Maya’s story by collecting Jerry Cans that help her collect water faster or unlock a cut-scene inspired by photos from our last trip to India.


That’s not all – Decode Global is donating 50% of in-app purchases to support clean water projects in Orissa. Which means my next book will have to wait, and so will the naps… my goal is to hit 300 levels by Tuesday.

Join me, and check out Get Water! for India in the App Store (it’s free!).


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