Campaign to watch: Get them engaged! — Part II

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William and Tori are getting married! On Easter Sunday, their campaign to get engaged reached $5,000 and he popped the question. The couple had made a decision to do things a little differently: instead of a romantic dinner and walk on the beach, William and Tori challenged themselves to raise 5K for a well before they could get engaged. On Sunday they reached their goal and Tori said yes!

William’s video of the proposal

William told us about the proposal…
It’s a strange feeling because it was just as nerve-racking as I thought it would be, while also feeling like it was nothing at all. I guess we had always been so confident in God leading us together that it never really felt like much of a surprise to either of us. I think I was more nervous because I knew that there were people around who would be seeing it! I did feel bad that I wasn’t able to get her more of an engagement-like ring or that I couldn’t really get her any flowers — but at the same time, we both felt extremely blessed to be able to get engaged on Easter Sunday!

We had never imagined that God would allow things to happen that way. It looks like God was in a hurry to make sure it would happen on Resurrection Day, so that kind of made the lack of a better ring or flowers not so important.

I didn’t even know what to say! It didn’t cross my mind to have to come up with the perfect speech that would express just how special Tori was to me, but at the end of the day, I don’t think either of us will really remember too many details about what was said. Most people will probably just remember how she cried (I shouldn’t say I love it when she cries… but it is terribly cute!)

So, it wasn’t the glamorous movie proposal that I had always wanted to do for her. But I think we understand that getting engaged is only partially about us, and hugely about living the rest of our lives, together, for God.

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100% of the money raised will build freshwater projects for people in need around the world. Still want to donate to William and Tori’s campaign? Do it here, and don’t forget to leave them a message!

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