Happy New Year and thank you.

When we started charity: water a little over two years ago, the first thing we did was build six wells in Uganda and take pictures of them to prove the work being done with your money.

We’ve been doing that ever since.

Two and a half years on, your generosity has helped us raise more than $8 million and fund 1,030 water projects in 13 developing nations. You’ve helped us believe that it might just be possible to bring clean and safe drinking water to every single person on earth.

This Holiday season, we want to do what we do best – we want to tell you one more story before the year ends.

Gasi Springs, Ethiopia.

When we first showed you pictures from Gasi Springs in March, it was a contaminated mud pit. Women huddled ankle deep in toxic water most of us wouldn’t dare step in, let alone drink. But the people here didn’t have a choice.

We immediately committed to the project, and asked our partners to expedite the work to get Gasi the clean water they so desperately needed. Hundreds of you donated. Hundreds of you gave and with your help, the mud is now gone.

Gasi Springs before and after

When I visited Gasi again a few months later, our small group was greeted with cheering and dancing. The women of the village threw popcorn, the men beat on drums and sang. Clean water gushed from the newly protected spring at Gasi. The solution cost $5,000, and served 328 people.

charity: water Spring Protection.

Your continued generosity allows us to keep going. On January 1, I’ll travel to see completed projects you helped us fund in India, Bangladesh and Ethiopia throughout 2008. In the coming year, we’ll continue proving wells and looking for opportunites to serve.

Thank you for your continued support – we wish you many blessings this Holiday Season!

- Scott Harrison and the team at charity: water

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