from Honey Space: Haiti, six months later.

Friend, avid charity: water supporter and artist Tom Beale hosted an event last night at Honey Space to benefit our projects in Haiti. Tom joined us on our trip to the country to monitor projects in September 2009. He was joined on stage by Naomi Rosenberg of Partners In Health, artist Swoon, Ben Wolf of Konbit Shelter, Kate Beale of USAID and charity: water founder Scott Harrison.

All donations from the event go straight to charity: water projects with Partners in Health.

Photos by Mo Scarpelli, charity: water.

hope haiti

It’s been six months and two days since the earthquake first struck Port-au-Prince, leveling most of the city and leaving millions without homes. We’re committed to funding $1.3 million in sustainable projects to benefit about 40,000 people in rural Haiti. Read the stories from those we plan to help and learn more about our Unshaken campaign here.

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