This weekend: a whole festival of films with a mission.

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Stories and media are staples of what we do. But many non-profits don’t have the funds, time or staff to produce videos about what they’re trying to change in the world. That’s where Lights, Camera, Help comes in.

LCH is a non-profit that formed to help other non-profits use cause-based videos to share their mission. They recognize outstanding non-profit videos and connect organizations with filmmakers, photographers and producers. And they hold a film festival every year to bring together and inspire cause-driven creatives.

LCH kicks off their third annual film festival this week in Austin, Texas, which will feature all cause-based films. And they chose our Water Changes Everything animated short for the festival; it’s screening on Friday!

See all film selections for this year’s fest here >

We caught up with David Neff, co-founder and CEO of LCH, for some background on the festival:

What’s the story behind the creation of Lights, Camera, Help’s festival?
I thought of the film festival while I was working at the American Cancer Society. We were making some amazing films, PSAs and fundraising videos but had nowhere to share them. Thus the film festival was born! And now we do so much more than that in our mission to transform the way non-profits tell their stories.

So from the start, you wanted to focus only on non-profit videos?
We want to transform the way nonprofits show their mission instead of just talking about it.

What’s the selection process like?
We have a committee called the film selection committee (interestingly enough…) that puts all our submissions through the paces before we find the perfect films. We rate them on sound, plot, mission, cinematography and call to action. We want our films to flip a switch in your mind. We want films that make people get up and do something about what they just saw.

So why was charity: water’s Water Changes Everything film chosen?
charity: water is constantly using the power of film to move their mission. This year’s submission (Water Changes Everything) is no different. With the use of brilliant yet simple animation and a powerful numbers-driven story, this video really stands out from the crowd in the film festival.


We want our films to flip a switch in your mind. We want films that make people get up and do something about what they just saw.

Any other festivals you’d recommend for people who want to see non-profit or cause-oriented films?
We are the only film festival in the world doing this kind of thing. However, there are lots of local film festivals that focus on specific topics. Such as CTD here in Texas.

Learn more about Lights, Camera, Help and the festival (it’s not too late to get tickets!) here >

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