Learning to Love Your Blog

Blog Home | by Tyler Riewer | from the office

It’s easy for your blog to feel like a burden. Especially for brands. Consistency is hard. Nobody wants to take ownership. Someone in the finance department is shouting about ROI (not pointing fingers).

Creating content can become an obligation, and then it’s not fun.

We don’t think that our blog has ever been un-fun, but we do think we had stopped having fun with it.

And we’re going to change that.

We’re gonna give ownership to the 60+ smart and talented people that work here so they can share some of their amazing insight and stories. We’re gonna throw out content calendars and share what we want to share when we want to share it.

We’re going to make our blog more of a reflection of our staff, what they’re learning and where our organization is going.

And we’re going to love the heck out of this blog. So get ready for some newness.

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