letters for haiti.

Last night, we got a pack of letters from 33 second-graders in Dixon, Calif.

Their honest questions and concerns inspired us. Here are a few:

“Are the people in Haiti doing well? Are they all sick? Are they digging a well? I really hope they feel better.” — Annabel

“Can I send money to Haiti? I know that water is important in Haiti. How many feet do you have to dig? I hope you find clean water.” — Daisy

“Can some children come to my house? Here’s my address… if they can’t then I’m ok, if they can, hooray.” — Jason

“What will you do to save the people? The people need help, how do you help them? If everybody dies, it’s too late! Please help Haiti.” — Hannah S.

We’ll keep these words with us as we head to Haiti this weekend.

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