from the field: Live Drill at Abenea school, northern Ethiopia


In the past few weeks, thousands of you from around the world have supported the September campaign for Ethiopia. More than 1,100 people have given up birthday gifts for clean drinking water.

Our goal? To raise $1.5m in the month of September to build 333 wells here in Ethiopia. Asking for our age in dollars, in the past three weeks we’ve gotten a good start, raising more than $420,000. That’s enough to build 105 wells, but we won’t stop fighting until we reach our goal.

When we saw the Abenea school five months ago, it was a different place. The 1,200 students had no clean water to drink and many girls weren’t able to attend school because they had to walk hours for dirty water.

Thanks to your support of the campaign, we were able to start drilling this morning. We’ll continue posting daily videos via satellite here until the well is finished. We are are passionate about showing you exactly what 100% of your money can do.

We still need your help.

It’s still my birthday. Please consider donating $33 or more to help us reach our goal! 100% of every dollar you give goes directly to build wells. And the next $200,000 we raise will be matched dollar for dollar.

See Abenea school before >

– Scott Harrison

A special thanks to Evosat and Inmarsat for donating the bandwidth to make these satellite video transmissions possible; to our local partner, A Glimmer of Hope Foundation; and to the amazing charity: water staff — Becky, Nicky, Vik, Phillip, Robin, Bret and Carrie — for believing in this campaign and working to make it a reality.

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