turning the world’s oldest whiskey into water.

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You’ve made the world’s most valuable decanter of whiskey.

What do you do with it?

If you’re The Macallan and Lalique, you auction it off for charity: water.

Their oldest and rarest bottle of whiskey (64 years!) is going up for bid on Nov. 15 — in the meantime, The Macallan team is touring the world to auction 10cl drams of the whiskey to top bidders.

Last night’s stop was in London, where a supporter bought a dram for £6,000 (that’s about $9,000). 100% will go directly to fund water projects in developing nations.

Jordan Shea of our UK office stopped by to catch the auction. These photos are coming from her:


Is The Macallan coming to your city?

Here’s a rough tour schedule:

Paris: early April
Madrid: late April
London: early May
Moscow: late May
Hong Kong: early July
Johannesburg: August
Taipei: early September
Shanghai: late September
Singapore: early October
Tokyo: late October
New York: Nov. 15 at Sotheby’s

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