We Still Need Your Help

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For our September campaign last year, 13,782 people helped us raise money for Rwanda. We set a goal to raise $1.7 million, and thanks to all of you, we raised more than $2 million.

Together, we funded seven systems, which will feed 106 tap stands and serve almost 26,000 people when complete. That will bring clean, safe water to everyone in Shyorongi and Ngoma sectors.

But we also made a promise — that once every last person in Shyorongi and Ngoma had clean water, we’d move on to the next sector. And the next. Until everyone in Rulindo District had access to life’s most basic need. And we’re following through on that.

Meet Bagina’s family:

This is one of many families who still trek for hours every day to collect water from rivers that are brimming with contaminants — pollutants from villages upstream and bacteria that can cause diarrhea, a leading killer of children.

The time it takes to collect this water and the toll it takes on health mean so much missed work, missed school and missed opportunity. For many Rwandans, it means an unbreakable cycle of poverty.

But we can help change that.

We’re raising another $2 million for Rwanda. We want to provide more piped systems. More tap stands. More people with clean water. And you can help too. Join us in fundraising.

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