we just hit $8 million on mycharity: water!

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As of today (right now!), individual fundraisers on mycharity: water have raised $8 million to bring clean water to people in developing countries.*


We first launched the site in September 2009. That means in just more than a year and a half, thousands of friends and supporters have helped us raise enough to serve about 400,000 people with clean, safe drinking water.

Thank you, mycharity: water fundraisers, for joining our mission. Every day, you’re helping us chip away a scary stat — that nearly one billion live without clean water to drink. You’re helping us change this.

*Remember, this isn’t our total raised to date as an organization… this is the total raised on mycharity: water by individuals. To learn more about what we’ve raised in our four and a half years as an org, see our latest Annual Report and financials here >

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