One Day’s Wages: linking global poverty to water.

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Whether you have clean water impacts whether you’d be able to improve your economic means. So it makes sense that we’ve teamed up with One Day’s Wages, a Seattle-based organization combating extreme global poverty, to fund $40,000 in water projects for Ethiopia and Liberia.

Learn more about One Day’s Wages in their video:

We recently caught up with founder Eugene Cho on why water is important for ODW’s mission:

How did you first hear about charity: water?
I first heard about charity: water from friends, but it was at a conference where Scott and I were both speaking that he spoke right to me. Hearing charity: water’s story first-hand from Scott was what drew me to the movement of charity: water. But beyond just a “feel-good” story were the details of water’s importance and the impact it can have on communities.

Why water, for ODW?
ODW’s purpose is to be a “movement of people stories, and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty.” As such, we’re focused on the Millennium Development Goals and if we’re serious about making an impact in the fight against extreme poverty, you simply can’t ignore the necessity of water.

What I’m trying to get at is… how can you not talk about water?

What’s different or exciting about charity: water + ODW working together to change the water crisis?
It’s a reminder to us about the importance of collaboration.

global poverty

I don’t care who you are or the momentum you have in your organization; we [non-profits] must work together. To be honest, there’s nothing unique about our partnership: we’re two organizations with deep mutual respect who are passionate about inspiring millions around the world to care about water issues and beyond.

What’s exciting is simple: We’re making a difference by empowering those living in extreme poverty to lift themselves out of poverty.

ODW is particularly passionate about helping people in Liberia… why?
About 85% of people in Liberia live in extreme poverty. That is, they survive on less than $1.25 a day. When we learned about the need for clean water through charity: water, it seemed like a very obvious response. We know that we’re not going to change the entire world or the entire country of Liberia but our hope is that we can change the world of some. In this case, to change some communities in Liberia by empowering them with access to clean water.

Your vision for charity: water + ODW in the future?
This is easy: the dream of working together to solve the water crisis in our lifetime.

Learn more about One Day’s Wages mission on their site here >

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