The charity: water Oscars.

2010 was a big year for us. In the midst of launching campaigns and raising funds for water projects, we also cranked out a decent amount of videos, from the office and also from the field. Thus — as the real Oscars air tomorrow night, it’s now time to award the charity: water Oscars to our staff members and supporters for their hard work!

scott oscar

Actor in a Leading Role:

No surprise here: founder Scott Harrison takes the prize of leading role! Whether trudging through rubble in Haiti, driving into the depths of the Central African jungle, or celebrating with friends in Ethiopian villages, Scott gave his all in front of the camera this year. Here’s a short reel of the fun stuff — the outtakes — from his year on camera:

Actress in a Leading Role:

vik oscar

Usually, Vik was directing the set or filming behind-the-scenes footage in the field this year. But once in awhile, the camera was turned on her. Amid bug attacks and long days driving to projects sites in both Central African Republic and Ethiopia, Viktoria Harrison stuck it out to earn herself Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Actor in a Supporting Role:

greg oscar

He’s the brain-child behind most of the ideas for our staff videos from the office… which means he usually plays the roles no one else would dare to (including beaming Scott with water balloons). Designer Greg Yagoda takes the prize for Best Supporting Actor this year for his heroic performances.

Actress in a Supporting Role:

jonna oscar

Jonna Davis has a lot on her plate — but still made time to take on roles in several staff videos from the charity: water office last year. As the object of affection in our Valentine’s Day film and a pair of dancing feet in our TOMS shoes launch video, she kept the energy up and the cameras rolling, earning our Best Actress in a Supporting Role.


paul oscar

Paul Pryor ventured to both Haiti and Central African Republic with us last year. The guy has incredible talent with a camera, versatile shooting methods (how else do you get this kind of stuff done in the jungle?) and a hilarious personality to boot. Here’s a behind-the-scenes of Paul at work.

Thanks for watching in 2010! We can’t wait to see what we can come up with this year!
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