Pipeline: How We See the Future

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Yesterday was a huge day for us at charity: water. We’ve been talking about Pipeline– this idea of funding local leaders, innovative technology and trained mechanics to keep water flowing at our projects around the world– for two years now!

What started off as a conversation in 2012, turned into meetings and then planning with partners and months of design, video editing and coding. It’s something that everyone in our organization has been a part of, and we’re incredibly proud of it.

Just to give you an idea, here’s some of what went into the launch:

  • 15+ meetings with stakeholders to review vision and product
  • 30 re-writes of the monthly donation impact statements
  • 20 iterations of charitywater.org/pipeline
  • 15 versions of the video
  • 170+ filed and fixed project requests/tickets
  • 2,000+ lines of newly written or modified code
  • 45+ animated gifs in our Pipeline chat room

We’re thrilled to be supporting and better equipping our local partners around the world, and we hope you will be too. You can help us keep water flowing for millions of people. Join us, and become a monthly supporter of Pipeline.

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