from the field: launching the Rulindo Challenge.

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charity: water founder Scott Harrison is in Rwanda for the week, strategizing with one of our partnering organizations, Water For People. Today he attended a ceremony for the launch of a new initiative to bring clean water to an entire district in Rwanda. Here’s his update:

rulindo 1
rulindo 3
rulindo 2

Had the pleasure of officially kicking off the Rulindo Challenge today in Rwanda with Ned Breslin, CEO of Water For People, members of the local community, and ministers from the federal government. Together, we’re committed to providing the 260,000 people of the Rulindo district with 100% water coverage by 2014. Water For People will manage and implement the program and charity: water, the local government and the communities benefiting from the projects will each contribute a portion of the cost -– a true partnership!

– Scott Harrison
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