update: September Campaign 2011… we did it!

Three months ago, we kicked off a campaign unlike any we’d ever done before. Through September Campaign 2011, we hoped to fund our first ever drilling rig so our partners could provide more water projects each year to communities in need. And in late November, with the help of more than 1,400 mycharity: water fundraisers…


Since the standard fundraising time period for a mycharity: water campaign is three months, there are still hundreds of fundraisers with open campaigns. Their efforts will continue to support our September Campaign until the day their campaigns close; 100% of what they’ll raise will go towards a second drilling rig.


The match.

From the start, one of our oldest supporters, Virginia Clay, pledged to match our September Campaign funds with an additional $1.2 million. Since we’ve reached our goal, our impact will be doubled!

Our mycharity: water fundraisers have been communicating to their donors that their hard-earned funds are going straight to the drilling rig — and we’re keeping that true by directing the additional funds they raise beyond our $1.2 million goal to purchase the second drilling rig. In turn, Virginia Clay’s match will cover the rest of that second rig, and then their remaining money will provide clean water projects for communities in Ethiopia.

The people who made (and keep making!) it happen.

We’ve been inspired by our September campaigners this year. From giving up their birthdays to coming up with new campaign ideas, our mycharity: water community was the driving force behind raising $1.2 million in three months. Here are a few fun campaigns we’re excited to share:

don't need bday
I Don’t Need a Birthday, People Need Water: David gave up his 25th birthday hoping to raise $1,000… and he blew through his goal by the end of his campaign.

goh soo
Because Our Bathtubs Drink Better Than 1/6 of the World: Goh Soo Lin lives in Singapore and studies environmental science; that’s where she learned that nearly a billion people live without clean water. To help, she gave up her 21st birthday and is $1,871 strong toward the goal of $5,000.

Rickshaw Run: These guys spent 14 days driving a rickshaw over the Himalayas, across India and through a desert — all to fundraise for the drilling rig. Check out the ride on their Facebook page here >

*We’re constantly keeping up with and getting inspired by our mycharity: water fundraisers. Check back with the blog each week when we feature a new fundraiser in our Campaign to Watch series.

So what happens now?

We’ve purchased the FS 250 drilling rig and last week, it shipped to Ethiopia. The second rig is in production. Fraste has sent us a few updates and our staff has been giddily passing around photos of the progress — we’re pretty excited. Take a look at charity: water’s brand new FS 250!


We’ll mount a GPS device on the rig so you can watch it move from village to village, bringing clean drinking water to people in northern Ethiopia. The rig will be able to dig, on average, about 80 new wells per year. That means our partners can provide about 40,000 more people each and every year with access to life’s most basic need.

If you’re a September Campaign fundraiser or if you’ve signed up for our September Campaign updates, you’ll get an email from us early next year once we have the map up and tracking the
FS 250′s progress. Stay tuned!

Thanks to your support, your passion and your belief in our plan to scale our impact, September Campaign 2011 has been incredibly successful. We’re so grateful to have your help.

Learn more about September Campaign 2011 here >

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