today’s september birthdays.

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Happy birthday to the following September Campaign fundraisers. They’ve given up their birthday gifts to help bring clean water to Central African Republic:


Leslie’s turning 21: To many, a 21st birthday means alcohol — to Leslie, her 21st is about water. She says she doesn’t want a drink, a gift or even a cake. She just wants the Bayaka to have clean water.

Sean’s turning 24: “Living in the real world for a little while has taught me more than ever what a lucky existence I’ve had,” says Sean. Now he’s asking his friends and family to help him bring water to 25 people. Go, Sean!

Aaron’s turning 32: Two years ago, he went skydiving for his birthday (see the video here!). How can your birthday get better than that? It can. “I have to believe that changing a life — or a village! — forever is way better than hitting 200mph in a freefall for 60 seconds,” says Aaron. And we’re right behind him, watching him get there.

Thanks for using your birthday to change the world.

Born in September? Or have your own fundraising idea? It’s not too late to join the 2010 September Campaign:

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