this weekend’s september birthdays.

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Happy birthday to the following September Campaign fundraisers! They’ve given up their birthday gifts to help bring clean water to Central African Republic:


Stephen’s turning 33: He gave up his birthday last year and raised more than $1,300! With a sister living in (and blogging from!) C.A.R., Stephen’s trying to raise $1,500 this year to bring clean water to the Bayaka.

Terry’s turning 46: Her campaign is for her birthday, but Terry was also inspired to make a positive statement around 9/11 by raising money for water projects. She’s $292 strong toward her goal of $1,000.

Drew’s turning 26: “Is this my new thesis?” Drew asks. He’s recently become interested in water resource management. Managing what we have is important, he says, but giving water to those who don’t have it at all is essential.

Thanks for using your birthday to change the world.

Born in September? Or have your own fundraising idea? It’s not too late to join the 2010 September Campaign:

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