today’s september birthdays.

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Happy birthday to the following September Campaign fundraisers! They’ve given up their birthday gifts to help bring clean water to Central African Republic:


Jesse’s turning 18: Jesse usually doesn’t do birthday presents anyway — he does new experiences. This year, his experience is rallying his friends and family around helping people in C.A.R. get clean and safe drinking water.

Kelly’s turning 20: As a lifeguard, Kelly says she has plenty of time to look at and think about water. “Water is such a simple thing that usually we go through our day without thinking about how much it really provides.” Now she’s aware — and she’s raising $500 to bring water to those living without it.

Kimberley’s turning 26: Any other year, if you saw a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur at a store for $2.95, you’ll want to get it for Kimberley’s birthday (she collects stuff like this). But not this time. “The best thing to do here is to just tell me that the thing exists (knowledge is the greatest gift, diagrams are encouraged) and then pass that $2.95 on to charity: water, instead.” Good plan, Kim.

Thanks for using your birthday to change the world.

Born in September? Or have your own fundraising idea? It’s not too late to join the 2010 September Campaign:

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