today’s september birthdays.

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Happy birthday to the following September Campaign fundraisers! They’ve given up their birthday gifts to help bring clean water to Central African Republic:


Olivier’s turning 32: Olivier was inspired by founder Scott Harrison’s idea to give up a birthday for clean water — and followed suit. He’s now asking his friends to get involved by donating or starting their own campaigns.

Cheryl’s turning 50: Interior designer Cheryl Elsbree gave up her birthday with a simple mission statement: “For my birthday, I want to share the blessing of fresh water. Thanks for your help!” She’s just $100 shy of her $500 goal. Keep it up, Cheryl!

Claire’s turning 24: “Water is a pretty big deal,” says Claire. “I’m excited to be a part of the charity: water movement, and really am fairly convinced that you will be, too.” She’s already hit her $200 goal (what a birthday gift!), but with another 13 days left in her campaign, we’d love to see her friends and family help out even more!

Thanks for using your birthday to change the world.

Born in September? Or have your own fundraising idea? It’s not too late to join the 2010 September Campaign:

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