Simon Sinek Says: Why?

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Simon Sinek

Yesterday, our friend Simon Sinek stopped by the office and gave a talk. He’s the author of Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. Although he travels the world teaching folks how to love their work, he was kind enough to spend an hour with our already passionate staff, teaching us how the brain reacts to what we do.

When we first met Simon, we were missing one thing. We knew what we were doing and how. We thought we knew why, too. But it turns out we were actually a little fuzzy on that.

Using his Golden Circle model and a lot of tough questions, Simon helped us work through our philosophies to our real, true motivator.

Simon Sinek

What do we do?

There are over a billion people on the planet without clean drinking water. We empower individuals to help solve the global water crisis.

How do we do that?

We educate and inspire them through stories and videos. We give them tools to raise money. We connect them to the impact they make.

Why do we do that?

Because we want people to see.

Simon Sinek
When founder, Scott Harrison first started charity: water, it was for his friends who weren’t giving. He wanted to reinvent charity and bring people who were disenchanted with big agencies, back to the table.

When donors see that their actions and the money they give really can effect meaningful change, they believe in our collective ability to solve the insolvable. What’s more, they tell others about it.

And that’s exactly what makes us tick. It’s why mycharity: water and our Dollars to Projects system work. It makes change tangible. It makes solutions possible.

So, yeah, we think Simon’s got something here. To check him out, visit his page or view his TED talk.

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