Meet the staff: the charity: water tech team

At charity: water, we’re passionate about reinventing charity through innovative technology. Our team is busy every day building new products to delight our supporters and help our staff make an even bigger impact.

We’re growing fast and looking for some outstanding developers to join us. Watch this video to meet our tech team and then check out our jobs page — we’re hiring!


Brian Honohan

He’s been described by our staff as a genius — we think that’s probably why he’s our Director of Technology! He spends his days streamlining all of our technology, managing the tech team, and helping us do our jobs more effectively.

Who should apply to be part of the tech team?
“We’re a small, nimble team, and it’s not uncommon for team members to end up working on the full stack. There’s no one programming language that we’re bound to, and therefore we want developers who are able to apply an understanding of core concepts to implement maintainable solutions. Ultimately, we’re looking for smart people, who enjoy launching projects and overcoming challenges.”

Christina Lutters

She always dreamed of joining a non-profit and working in tech — now that’s exactly what she’s doing as our Front-End Developer! Christina is the only girl on our tech team and she’s a powerhouse when it comes to coding our website.

How did you end up at charity: water?
“I was inspired to join the charity: water team because I came across the organization website two years ago. It was gorgeous, and I basically developed a crush on the organization. It was kind of my dream to work with tech in a non-profit because there weren’t a lot of organizations doing it well — I thought charity: water was. When I saw that there was an opening, I totally jumped on it. I didn’t even think to look anywhere else.”

Jasdeep Gosal

Jasdeep is a Software Developer on our tech team and he’s also recognized by the staff as the most fashionable employee. Lately, he’s using his brilliant coding skills to set up the maps that follow the drilling rig from the September Campaign.

Do you have a favorite aspect of working for the tech team?
It’s always very interesting. There’s not a lot of mundane work and all the work we do is for a good reason. I’m never doing busywork, and I really like that. I get to work on a really diverse range of projects, and so I even get to do some front-end stuff — most of my work is back-end.

What do you call the tech team’s office?
“I insist that it be referred to as the keep. People who don’t are not allowed in. So, if you ever need something — it’s not the dungeon, it’s not just an office… it’s the ‘Tech Keep.’ It’s labeled.”


Matt Tucker

He describes himself as the tallest member of the charity: water team and he sports Warby Parker glasses. Matt Tucker is our other Software Developer and has been really influential in the creation of WAZI, an internal product that will help us stay on track in all aspects of our mission.

What’s it like to work for the tech team?
“One thing that’s really cool about working here in such a small team… it’s almost like working for a small tech start-up. You get to kind of touch all levels of the technology stack, from the database to what’s happening in the middle tier — all the way up to doing some Javascript, HTML and CSS-type stuff. If you’re interested in kind of having your hand in a little bit of everything, it’s a great place to work.”

We’re looking to add more incredibly talented people to our tech team. Does Javascript make you giddy? Do you want to work as part of a team that creates technology forward programs that will change the lives of thousands of people? Come work for us! For more info, check out our jobs page here >

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