thank you, e-card buyers and designers

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Thanks to everyone who bought charity: water Valentine’s Day e-cards this year. Whether it was for their boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, dog… each card can bring clean water to one person for 20 years.

Valentine’s Day brought $15,620 for water projects in Cambodia, Ethiopia or Haiti (card recipients chose which).

That’s clean drinking water for 781 people.

This year, we asked anyone to submit original e-card designs. We narrowed it down to six and added these to our online store. Thank you, designers! Not only did thousands see and use your work on the charity: water online store, but they were also able to fund freshwater projects through your art! Thank you.

These were designed by Roanne Adams:

These were designed by Tania Garron (left) and the Clay Cat Shop (right).

Thanks again! Like our e-cards but missed Valentine’s Day? You can buy charity: water e-cards year-round for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or just because… visit
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