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Our second round of field volunteers are now on the move!

These five recently departed on individual adventures in Ethiopia, Uganda and Liberia. Like our first field volunteer (Rob), they’ll spend weeks checking on existing water projects and reporting back to us so we can make sure that clean water keeps flowing for the people we’ve served in the past.

It’s a fantastic group, and we’re proud to have them aboard. Say hello to Willy, Nicole, George, Lucas and Marsha!


Willy Forsyth (Liberia)
Instagram: @willyforsyth

  • From California
  • US Air Force Pararescueman for the Alaska Air National Guard
  • Has travelled to Dijbouti, Zambia, Haiti, Mexico, India and more
  • Enjoys surfing, skiing, backpacking, rock climbing and sailing

Nicole Heim (Ethiopia)
Instagram: @nlheim

  • From California (now calls NY home)
  • Spent 7 years working in corporate fashion but quit her job to find more meaningful work
  • Has travelled to the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Swaziland, Morocco, Argentina, Guatemala and more
  • After volunteering with us, will continue on to work with local artisans in Rwanda and Uganda

George Fernandes (Uganda)
Instagram: @gfernandes1

  • From Brazil
  • Now a Project Manager at a production company here in NYC
  • Sets aside time each year to volunteer and travel
  • Has travelled to Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nepal, Cambodia, India, Uganda and more

Lucas Turner (Uganda)
Instagram: @lucas_turner

  • From Kansas
  • Studied Business Management with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship
  • First met Scott Harrison at Big Kansas City
  • Just returned from a 6-month internship with Krochet Kids in Peru

Marsha Doucette (Ethiopia)
Instagram: @marshaliciouss

  • From Canada
  • Background in Kinesiology
  • Currently a Regional Coordinator for the Canadian Liver Foundation
  • Has travelled to India, Kenya, Peru, Mexico and more
  • In college, she started a group called Hydro Heroes and represented Canada at the Third World Water forum in Istanbul

Updates from the team to come, but don’t miss the chance to follow along in the meantime. It’s only week one of six, and they’re already sharing awesome photos and stories from the field…


And if you’re also interested in participating in our field volunteer program, take a look at the details and get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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