today is World Water Day.


While that might not mean much to you, it’s a big day for us at charity: water. If you live in New York City, please tune in to WNBC where we’ll be featured on the Nightly News at 5:30. You’ll see footage from our projects in Africa, and see some of our recent progress.

I feel like we’ve been beating you over the head lately with statistics – about the daunting 1.2 billion on the planet without access to clean water, and the 25,000 people that will die today and everyday from water related illness. Let’s make it more personal.

Louise and Princess live near the Guinea Border in Liberia. They could become casualties of the water crisis any day. I followed them last week as they left their dusty remote village with 5-gallon buckets and headed to the woods to fetch water.

We were in Sippi Village, a site where we hope to provide desperately needed clean water. More than 1,000 live in the community, and their water source is a muddy hole in the bush. The girls will make 3-4 trips daily to fill their buckets. They’ve been using this source for 10 years.

Their 25-minute journey is excruciating, but if you want to get a glimpse of their daily life, we’ve posted the video here. Please keep in mind, their 25 minute journey 3-4 times a day isn’t that uncommon. Millions walk more than six hours each day to fetch unsafe water.

* * *

Today, on World Water Day, please help us help these girls and many more like them who face the same situation.

We’re asking you to help us fund two wells in Liberia. We’ve committed to 20 in the country and they cost only $3,500. That means only 350 of you need to buy a virtual bottle of charity: water today, and we’ll reach our goal. Our Valentine’s Day promo resulted in more than $10,000, so we know you can help us do it.

We hope to get all 20 completed before the rainy season begins in May, and will have pictures and video of Princess and Louise drinking clean water posted by the end of summer.

Click here to see video. Or to buy a bottle.

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