A day without shoes.

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Today is TOMS’ One Day Without Shoes — they’re asking everyone they know to slip off their pumps or sneakers in solidarity of all the people (especially kids) around the world who live every day without proper protection for their feet.


Ok, so this was way too easy for us. We spend our days in a comfortable office with few (to no) hazards for our bare feet. But for many kids around the world, this is most certainly not the case. Without quality footwear, they can contract all kinds of soil-transmitted diseases, like hookworm or jiggers. And infections just get worse when there is no clean water to help wash them away.

In Central African Republic, chronic jigger infections are very common in villages where we work. Jiggers are little mites that bury into the feet to lay eggs. They eat away at the skin, causing sores that make it painful to walk. Watch our video about jiggers and other diseases in C.A.R. >

Shoes could prevent them. Clean water and soap could help get rid of them. It’s easy to see how shoes and clean water could go hand-in-hand in preventing diseases.

Show your support for TOMS today. Learn more here >

Also… did you catch our Photo of the Day today? It’s a bit relevant >

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